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Here are some highlights from the websites I had a hand in developing with the Zenman team. I was the lead developer on these projects except where noted, so my focus was code; however, I had the opportunity to collaborate closely with information architects, designers, copywriters, and everyone else involved during these projects as well.

(Note that because most of these are built on WordPress and are live, the clients have made some changes, some of which break things like Sand Cherry’s “23” under the footer

Sand Cherry Associates

I developed the majority of this site, collaborating on a few substantial modules with other members of my team. I’m particularly proud of the Home page’s hero hover slider and the Careers page’s Career Opportunity accordion.

Frontier Airlines

Another developer and I at Zenman coded the front-end for the Home page and top level pages (e.g. Baggage) in a modular fashion, passing it off to Frontier’s back-end development team so they could sprinkle the modules throughout the rest of the site using their Umbraco CMS. We also provided a style guide using KSS (Knyle Style Sheets) so Frontier could unify their code implementation across their partner sites.

Bones Restaurant

Years ago, this site was built in Flash, so I redid the home page animations with GreenSock on my own time and pitched a redesign to Zenman (the mobile experience being my main reasoning). After Zenman got approval to move forward, I built my own JavaScript framework for orchestrating the keyframes and Ajax for loading in the assets, and then mentored an intern through building the remaining pages and mobile experience.

Denver Musicians Association

I developed the majority of this website with a little collaboration on minor modules. It uses BuddyPress to provide social networking opportunities to members of a musicians' organization. I engineered a lot of customizations to ensure members could create profiles, ensembles (groups), and events without allowing them access to the WordPress admin.

Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors

This project had a tight deadline, so I spent much of the project coordinating the entire Zenman development team (all hands on deck!) in creating modules, integrating them when ready via pull requests into my work on the site. Even with the time crunch we were able to maintain a high level of code quality, and took extra care to make the publishing experience easy for the client’s large team of realtors. (We met the deadline.)